Some More Sites To Earn From Posting Links On Facebook And Other Social Media Sites

I know the readers were waiting for me to share more sites that pay for posting links on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the previous post, I discussed how you can earn money by posting links using In this blog, I will share a few more sites that you can use to shorten urls and post that url or links on Facebook or other social media sites, emails or blogs when sharing any article, blog or information.

Here are top ones - is the most popular url shortening on the web and is the most trusted site where people are earning for posting shortened links on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

It pays almost US$4 for 1000 visitors. Check out yourself now.

This website can fetch you $4 for thousand visitors. It is Free to sign up and does not charge any registration fees. It also pays if you refer to your friends online. The minimum payout is $3. This site pays you via PayPal. You can register by simply clicking the below image.


This is another site that pays $7.50 for per thousand visitors. This is one of the mostly used site for url shortening. This is one of my favorites for shortening the urls. It too pays via PayPal.
Click here to join CC.CC or to know more about it.

There are many other such sites on web, but I recommend these to begin with. I will update this post with more sites possible tomorrow.

Until then, you can visit these sites and take a judgement before registering.