39 Sites That Pay Via Check to Work from Home

39 Sites That Pay Via Check to Work from Home

Here is a list of 30 websites that pay via check working from home.

Work from Home Jobs that pay by check

  1. 1-800-Flowers – This company recruits independent contractors seasonally to do phone work.
  2. 1NW Contact – This company pays their independent contractors by check to handle inbound or outbound calls from home.
  3. 3 Play media – Get paid by check to do general transcription work from home
  4. Accutran Global – This company hires transcribers, stenographers and voice writers to work from home.
  5. Appen – This company has several non-phone work at home jobs in web search evaluation, social media evaluators and more to work from home.
  6. ARO– Hires remote customer service reps to work from home.
  7. Best Mark – This company needs mystery shoppers to visit establishments in their area evaluating their service, the cleanliness at that location, prices and other details.  This company also needs people to make and complete mystery shopping calls from home.  Paper checks are sent out every other Friday with the exception of the month of December.
  8. Brainfuse – Get paid to tutor students from home.
  9. Click N Work – Work from home in data entry, writing, web search, telephone interviews, translation, shoppers and more.
  10. Contemporary VA – Work from home as a virtual assistant.  May or may not be hiring at this time.
  11. Dollar Stretcher – Get paid by check or via PayPal to write articles for this company.
  12. English Hunt  – Pays their independent contractors to do ESL tutoring from home.
  13. Ether – Give paid to give expert advice over the phone.  Pays by direct deposit or via check in the mail.
  14. ETS – This company will pay you to score tests at home.
  15. Focus Forward – Pays their independent contractors by check to do general transcription work in English and Spanish.  You can receive your cash via check in the mail, direct deposit or PayPal.
  16. Great American Opportunities – Get paid to type in gift orders from school money-raising campaigns.  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out when and how to apply.
  17. Guru – Pays their independent contractor to do a variety of freelance from home.
  18. Intelichek – Another company that pays their independent contractor to do mystery shopping online.  Read my full review here.
  19. Language Line – Pays their independent contractors by check to interpret different languages over the phone.
  20. Market Force – Get paid to be a mystery shopper.
  21. NexRep – Pays their independent contractors by check to make sale calls from home.
  22. Oasis Marketing Solutions – Get paid by check to make political and survey calls.
  23. Presto Experts – Get paid to give expert advice from home.
  24. Scripted – Get paid to do freelance writing from home.
  25. Sedgewick CMS – Get paid by check to make calls selling insurance claims.
  26. Shutterstock – Get paid by check to be an image or footage reviewer to work from home editing images.
  27. Smart Thinking – Get paid by check to help tutor online.
  28. Support Space – Get paid by check to be an online chat/ tech support.
  29. Televated – This company pays their independent contractors by check to be a telemarketer from home.
  30. Tutor.com – Work from home to tutor online in economics, accounting, finance, college physics and more.
  31. UpWork – Pays their independent contractor to do freelance work from home.
  32. Ver-a-Fast – Get paid by check to call people with newspaper subscriptions by phone.
  33. Verilogue – Work from home in transcription for this company.
  34. Voices.com – Get paid by check to record your voice.  Pays fast.
  35. Westat – Get paid to do phone data collections most are outbound calls.
  36. Working Solutions – Get paid by check to do customer service, data entry or writing from home.
  37. Yardi Matrix – Get paid to be a rent surveyor and call various apartments from home.
  38. Zintro – Get paid to give your expert advice over the phone.

Earn Over $20 Working from Home Online with Clickworker

Earn Over $20 Working from Home Online with Clickworker.com

Clickworker is a good option if you are planning to supplement your income online.

They are always looking for people from anywhere in the world who enjoy writing, translating, researching, and data processing. Clickworker provides digital tasks to interested workers – and call them Clickworkers. Clickworkers are freelancers who utilize our workplace platform. 

As a Clickworker you earn money working completely independently on your own schedule from any personal computer with Internet access.

Sign up here with ClickWorker.com

Each Clickworker chooses from the pool of available projects, which tasks (s)he wants to take on. The tasks available may vary from Clickworker to Clickworker based on qualification assessments, previous work assessments, education, language abilities, and interests. Depending on your total profile and qualifications you may be offered some projects or may be excluded from others. Payment is made for each accepted and completed task. The amount is fixed and published ahead of time.

The tasks here at clickworker are smaller, and can be done separately. We refer to these as microjobs. Depending on qualifications, speed, practice, and concentration you can earn well over $10.00 per hour. On average, we expect that a Clickworker earns $9.00 per hour.
Each Clickworker decides, when, where and how much (s)he works. Since many microjobs can be completed in just seconds you can stop and start at anytime. Because of this flexibility, Clickworkers can work anytime, anywhere.

Anyone who can read this website through the use of a regular Web browser has fulfilled the technical requirements. In addition, you must be allowed to work in the jurisdiction of your residence.

Being a Clickworker is not complicated – even for a newbie. Initiation and training assure that you attain the necessary competencies to use the workplace interface. All workflows are designed to be very user friendly. For many tasks no special or formal qualifications are necessary. Almost anyone can participate.

Easily Earn Minimum 10 Dollars Per Day By Joining IWRITER

The best platform a writer would ever get to work as a freelancer and earn handsomely

If you think you are a writer and want to make a career in freelancing as a writer, there are various options available to work. But, it is difficult to find one easily. Here I am revealing a very good site where you can make a steady income for writing articles daily.

The name of the site is iwriter, yes you heard it right iwriter.

This is a platform where clients and writers directly meet each other. Clients place their requirement and writers pick up the jobs as suitable.

The good part is that the site does not ask for any fees for joining. Joining is free and anyone can join easily. The only thing you should ensure is write good to earn well.

Once you register, you can start picking up the jobs as available. It starts from as low as $1 to $15.

Initially, you are a standard writer, but as soon as you start getting ratings, i.e., stars and reviews from clients, you points increases and you can become elite or a premium member.

Elite or a premium membership gives you added advantage of picking up more articles without any time limitations and plus the pay is much higher as compared to the standard writer.

I think you should go and check yourself instead of me telling you everything here.

If you are genuinely looking for a part time income or may be a full time income by writing articles and short descriptions then this is for you. You must register at iwriter now.

Leave me your feedback if you earn something out of here, I would be more than happy.

Working As A Freelancer? - Things You Should Consider Before Working For Any Client

If you have selected to work as a freelancer. You should be always clear of what you can do and what not. Before applying for projects at various freelance sites that I mentioned in the previous post, you should clear for yourself some very important aspects, so as to avoid any losses in future.

I have listed below some of the important points that should be cleared when working as a freelancer -

1. Client Status - You should always verify the client status and check the past history of the client. What is the payment rate, frequency of job allocation, feedback from other freelancers, reviews, if verified by the site or not, etc. These things are very important to know as if you partner with an unethical or false client, you may land up losing your money for no reasons. There are chances clients taking advantage under the banner of awarding you a project and paying you nothing.

2. Actual Work To Be Done - You should always get it cleared before hand from the client, what the exact amount of work would be there. It should not happen that your bid amount is less and client asks for more in the same amount. You should always clarify this, else the client may reject the pay.

3. Payout - Sometimes, the clients purposely put up confusion payment terms, you may find the bid amount different that what client as mentioned in the job description is different. So always ensure that what you have bid and what client accepted is confirmed when you discuss before the start of actual work.

4. Payment Terms - You should always set small milestones for payments instead of asking for money all at once upon completion of the entire job. This is risky. It may happen that you have done the job and client now says that your job is rejected due to some conditions, blah blah.. So, if your project is for 100 dollars, you should ask for payment at regular small intervals such as at 25 dollars, or may be after every 10 dollars. This way you can be assured that yes the client is genuine and pays and you are not at risk.

5. Closure of the project - If in case you are not happy with clients working style and payment process, you should diplomatically withdraw from the project by discussing with the client and depart happily. Since, if the client gives negative feedback on your profile, you are risk of not getting any projects from other clients. So, always be positive and diplomatic when closing the deal voluntarily or unhappily.

These are just a few things which you should take care of, Though you should read all the policies and terms and conditions mentioned on each site. Some things would not be taught there which are learned by experience and many clients are experts in playing the care there to save their money and get the work done for free.
Top Blogs
So, take care, don't lose what you should be earning genuinely for your efforts. Thanks for reading..

Where can you really find free online jobs

Are you still wondering where exactly you can find free online jobs ? Now stop wondering. Refer to my previous post and join on those sites and get the door opened up for yourself for n number of opportunities awaiting to be exploited.

In the previous post, I listed a few sites such as Elance, Freelancer, Fiverr.com etc to register and get jobs by working as a freelancer. Freelancing provides you ample opportunities to earn a living for yourself.

All the jobs posted here in free. However, these companies do take some charge as a commission but you don't have to pay anything to register unless you want to have paid membership.

Get yourself registered now to get free online jobs -

1. Elance.com
2. Freelancer.com
3. ODesk.com
4. Guru.com
5. Fiverr.com

These are the sites where you can easily find free online jobs.

What jobs you can find here ideally ?
1. Designing/Logo making
2. Graphics
3. Animation
4. Code writing/programming
5. SEO
6. Content writing
7. Developers
8. Office assistance
9. Data Entry
10. Clerical
11. Social Media
12. Advertising

and much more. It is only upto you what skills you have and what you actually want to do based on your expertise.

Believe me, there are ample opportunities available online, only thing is you need consistency and commitment to get success. It is not so difficult to find free online jobs now these days. Best of luck.

Top 7 Freelancing Sites That You Should Never Ignore If You Wish To Work Independently

If you have made your mind that you want to work independently and not live the life of a salaried person, then these are top 7 sites that you should never ignore.

If you are planning to work as a freelance, you will need to be in search of new jobs constantly. Never depend on one job or project. Always, look for more.. since being a freelance you cannot afford to sit and relax and depend yourself only one project. What if that project ends or someone takes it over from you.

So you must understand that you are always at risk of being unemployed if you stop your search for more. 
Now the question you may have is where would I search for jobs. The answer is simple. If you have particular skills such as writing, designing, coding, data entry, assistance, consulting or providing telephone support, you can very well grab new projects.

There are many sites that offer the platform for such individuals who work independently and earn a living by giving them the opportunity to meet with the companies or employers who are in search of outsourcing these jobs instead of hiring a full time employee.

I have listed below the top 7 sites for freelancing that you should never ignore -

1. Elance.com 

2. Freelancer.com

3. oDesk.com

4. Guru.com

5. Peopleperhour.com

6. iFreelance.com

7. Fiverr.com

I don't really feel the need to write any short descriptions of these websites. I would love you click on these websites and have a look yourself and open up better chances of opportunities awaiting next door.

Good luck freelancing...

Content Writing - A new opportunity to make a career online

Yes, you heard it right. Content writing could be the new opportunity for a making a career online. So it is important to understand what do you mean by content writing.

Content writing is a vast subject involving writing content. Content could be articles, blogs, press releases, white papers, research papers, website content, books, video scripts, tag lines, headlines or just about anything that appears online or offline.

Content writing requires an ability to write freely with good command over English and ability to research and study the subject completely. Content writing is ideally suitable for people who are passionate about writing and for whom writing is like bread and butter and want to make a career in that. A successful writer always dreams of publishing his own book.

Speaking about how you can make career online as a content writer. First of all, be clear what you are reading at the moment is content too. If you can write what I have written, you can very well be a content writer.

With the evolution of online businesses and shopping sites, many companies are getting their businesses online and require content to be published regularly for their websites. This is where a content writer plays an important role.

e-Commerce companies these days are battling to top the search engine results for a particular keyword. For this they need continuous content feeding to the search engines to maintain the presence online. There is always a need for a content writer to publish new content everyday.

Many businesses online, as a part of their search engine optimization strategy publish blogs, articles, press releases and videos to come up on the first page of search results for a particular keyword. For this they need ample content on daily basis.

Many companies are seeking freelance content writers who can fulfill their daily requirements by providing them the content they require for a fixed amount. If one is really interested in making a career as a content writer, one should ideally create a own blog and start writing on it to get well versed with all the concepts and a proof to show of your writing ability.

Good luck and happy writing, make a mark online. Will share with you more detailed information in my next blog. Until them, learn what is content writing.

Some More Sites To Earn From Posting Links On Facebook And Other Social Media Sites

I know the readers were waiting for me to share more sites that pay for posting links on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the previous post, I discussed how you can earn money by posting links using adfoc.us. In this blog, I will share a few more sites that you can use to shorten urls and post that url or links on Facebook or other social media sites, emails or blogs when sharing any article, blog or information.

Here are top ones -


adf.ly is the most popular url shortening on the web and is the most trusted site where people are earning for posting shortened links on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

It pays almost US$4 for 1000 visitors. Check out yourself now.


This website can fetch you $4 for thousand visitors. It is Free to sign up and does not charge any registration fees. It also pays if you refer to your friends online. The minimum payout is $3. This site pays you via PayPal. You can register by simply clicking the below image.


This is another site that pays $7.50 for per thousand visitors. This is one of the mostly used site for url shortening. This is one of my favorites for shortening the urls. It too pays via PayPal.
Click here to join CC.CC or to know more about it.

There are many other such sites on web, but I recommend these to begin with. I will update this post with more sites possible tomorrow.

Until then, you can visit these sites and take a judgement before registering.

How Working From Home Is More Challenging Than Working In A Office

These days, everybody is eager to find a way to work from home and live a beautiful life free of any office worries. But, the question is, is that really easy? And can it happen practically. The answer might be a yes or no.

I tried to study about this speaking to a few people around. I discovered people have different opinions on both the styles of working. However, majority of people preferred working from home and want to be their own boss.

I have listed below some of the advantages and disadvantages of working from home -

1. Freedom of Time - By working from home you get freedom of time and you can decide your own work timings. This may also vary with the type of work you are doing or your clients.

2. Dedication & Commitment - Work from home requires commitment and dedication since no supervisor would be there to monitor your performance you have to ensure that you give 100% dedication to your job.

3. Discipline - Discipline is very important, since you would be working from home, you have to ensure you are disciplined enough to do the tasks at right time on daily basis.

4. Self-motivated and enthusiastic - One has to be self motivated and enthusiastic for working from home as little ups and downs are bound to come in your way.

5.High risk - There also exists high risk of income. At times, they may be a situation when you will find any customers for your products and clients for service. These would be the most difficult times that you may have to face which may not happen in case if you are working in office as salaried employee.

Before entering into work from home venture, one has to be careful and be completely assured of the work or projects he would be doing. These has to be genuine work opportunity in your hand to begin a work from home career, else it is always wise to continue working in a office and simultaneously work part time from your home.

Once your business is established and you are sure that you will earn regular income from this work from home business only then you think of quitting the salaried job, else it might be a huge risk.

If you are planning to work from home, make right investments and take a calculated risk before jumping into it and yes always discuss with the experts. Taking help from the one who is already established is always beneficial.

So think twice before you start working from home. It is better not to leave your present occupation for working from home unless you 100% assured of regular income.

Watch for my next blog where I will share with you the sites that pay you for posting links on Facebook and other social networking sites.

How to Earn By Posting Links on Facebook and Google Plus

In the previous post, I promised you of sharing the ideas of how to earn money by the activities that you perform on Facebook and Google+.

I have observed many people post photos and links of reference sites that they like on Facebook for their friends to view. All this is done for free except the likes that you get.

Now, simple way to earn from these posts are by giving a link to them instead of copying or pasting the url as is.

Now, you may wonder how to assign link to the URL. It is simple. There are many websites that allow URL shortening. Some of the websites pay for shortening url using their site and some do not.

I have listed a few sites that actually pay you for the addresses that you have shortened.

For example, I liked a page on holiday site and I want to share it with my friends on Facebook. I would simply go this URL shortening site, shorten the URL and paste this new short link on Facebook wall and simply mention in few words what this link would contain or you may also post a picture image for quick attention.

One of the top sites that pay for link shortening is -


Adfoc.us is a revolutionary new way of making money from sending people to links. If you have a popular FaceBook or Twitter profile and you discover an interesting article, simply drop the link in the AdFoc.us URL shortener and send the AdFoc.us shortened URL to your friends. Once people start clicking on your short URL, you start making money!

This is how, the shortened url looks like.

All of the clicks you receive on your shortened URLs are paid out according to the country each visiting user comes from. United States generally pays out the most because it is the highest quality for advertisers. You can take a look at the exact payouts on the payout rates page.

Here is the screenshot of my earnings for 4 days from my adfoc.us account.

Please note, this is only for a couple of days since I have opened with them and have got few clicks and some earnings on it.

Till today by the time you are reading this post, this has multiplied almost thousand times. You can imagine how much it can pay you for your free non paid activity that you do on Facebook and helping others to gain popularity for free of cost. In short, you are advertising other people's content free of cost.

This is just of the sites that I have mentioned here in this post. In the next post I will give you the list of  other similar websites that pay you for posting links.

Watch out for next post for some more interesting sites for link posting.

If you have made your mind to find out what adfoc.us is, visit the adfoc.us now

How To Earn From Post, Sites or Blogs That You Share on Facebook for Free

We all use Facebook for keeping in touch with our friends, relatives or to make new friends. Many people spend hours on Facebook sharing content from other people's account, sites or blogs such as good images, poems, articles or any thing that is interesting or catchy.

Make Money from Facebook Activity
How to Make Money from Facebook Activities

Almost every one likes to liked on Facebook and makes an effort to post best on Facebook. I see majority of young crowd on Facebook posting very good images and posters and poems that are liked by many.

But have you ever thought what do you get by doing all this except good number of likes or popularity in your friend circle, nothing right. Yes, if you are hobbyist and like to make others happy by spreading content free of cost then it is good else you are just wasting an opportunity to make money online out of it.

That is, you can earn money simply what you are currently doing on Facebook daily without any special efforts. I will teach you how. 

Do not take this a get rich scheme overnight or you will also not earn millions using this, but you may earn something out of nothing that you are currently getting. For students, yes, it is good source of additional income to cover up the routine internet expenses or hangout spends.

Follow my tips to add an earning source to your Facebook activity, no matter which country you are in right now India, US, Malaysia or Japan, anybody can earn.

Watch out my next blog on "How to earn by posting links on Facebook and Google+" where I will show this method of making money from your Facebook activity without any special efforts.

Groundbreaking - Mobile Money Code Changing Lives Worldwide By Making Money From Your Mobile Phones

Still wondering what Mobile Money Code is all about.

Well, it is all about using your mobile phones to make a substantial income online.

If there are 1 billion computers worldwide, then there are almost more than 4 billion mobile phones worldwide, which makes you think how much you leverage on the potential of business using mobile phones.

Making money online from computers may still be difficult as it involves lots of efforts to build websites, content and generate traffic to make decent money

Not everyone is able to succeed with this. For this reason, a new technology is been developed and released recently.

Mobile Money Code is extremely powerful and revolutionary web based software. The concept is very easy to understand and implement. You get a complete training on how to generate regular income with this mobile money code right from day one.

Well, I do not want to talk much about it and would like you to see it yourself to believe and find out why so many people have already started earning.

I have opted for program that requires new users to be invited before signing up.

Here is the Invitation to sign up for Mobile Money Code.

And yes, do watch the video entirely before you close the window as takes a little while to watch it fully. Do this only if you are free for at least 15 minutes or may just miss out completely.

This is incredibly the new mobile technology that is just introduced that focuses merely on mobile marketing and use of mobiles in making a earning for lifetime.

And yes, this is absolutely free and have almost no risk of loss of any money.

Check out yourself now - Mobile Money Code.

Why Many People Fail Making Money Online

I have observed that many people fear of working online, either because they lack the trust in online jobs or they lack trust in themselves.

Many people lack the techniques and skills that are required to work online. Mostly, people do not have the determination to succeed in their online ventures.

The end result is "Failure".

The 5 things one should take care of if you wish to make money online -

1. Make A Plan

Without a plan you will never achieve what you want to achieve in your online venture.

2. Implement the Plan

Whatever you have planned implement it in to action.

3. Maintain

Once implemented, maintain those activities for a longer period consistently and do not stop in between.

4. Improve

 Try to improve the way you are working at this stage or bring some changes that can boost your results in a positive manner.

5. Monitor

Finally, monitoring your progress is critical to your business. Keep monitoring the progress of your efforts and check if you have really achieved what you had planned in the first stage.

Consistency and commitment plays an important role here and a trust in yourself.

No one can really make big money online in a day, it requires great passion, strength and commitment, consistency and continuous efforts for a long term duration, the results are bound to come.

If You Can Type, Here Is The Opportunity To Work As Online Typist No Fees, No Charges.

While going through some of the online job providing sites in India, I found a very unique and genuine site that really pays you for your work.

If you are still unaware of it. Read below to find out more.

If you can type at a speed of 30 words per minute or more, here is the opportunity for you to work as an Online Typist Employee.

One of the reputed online jobs sites http://www.nmggroups.com/ is now hiring online typists.

NMG Groups is Looking for Online Typist Employee. Person having own computer and internet connection can apply for our internal vacancy.

Job Description:
Looking for Online Typist Employee to work Online on Form Filling, copying, pasting, editing, sorting or Typing Manuscript into MS Word. You will be working on our dedicated Server with our Client and Team leader.

Job Summary:
Requirement : Minimum Typing speed required @ 20 wpm. Knowledge of MS Office will be an advantage.
Age Required: 18 years and above
Compensation : $3.5 per Page or Fixed Salary (approx $850) on 5th of every month.
Benefit : Incentive or Performance Bonus.
Registration Fees : No Registration fees. Free of cost to all Countries. Don't pay money to any one that claims to be our Franchisee or our Affiliates.
Note: We don't have any franchisee nor any Affiliates.
Payment : You will get paid by Paypal or Alertpay or Cheque or NEFT (India Only)

Thier HR or Teamleader will Contact You :

Selection Procedure : Click on Apply now and submit your details to their HR Department. If you fit according to their Policy, then only you will be contacted for an interview via Paltalk messenger or via email or via telephone. Note: All final decision will be taken by NMG Groups.

Visit their website: http://www.nmggroups.com/

Work From Home - Skills You Need to Work From Home in India

I was just speaking to one of my friends in India and discovered that many college students are searching for online jobs that they could work from home. Hmm.. this gave me a little insight into what they might lack in getting the right job or to complete a particular job online.

I thought of giving away some information on the skills that are most essential for working from home. Here is the list below -

1. Basic Computer Knowledge

One has to have basic computer knowledge to perform any activity online. By basic computer knowledge I mean one should know how to use Internet, Ms-Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Emails. These are some of the basic things one should know. For advanced users depending upon the work type they may require high end softwares. But if you are merely looking for jobs such as copy and paste or email reading or typing. then one should know Ms-office and desktop applications.

2. Typing speed

Typing speed is another very important aspect of online jobs. One should have a minimum typing speed of 20 - 30 words per minute to be able to complete the tasks in given time. If you lack typing speed it will affect your work and you may get delayed in submitting the work. Also, some sites require data to be typed online which may require quick input. Therefore, it is alway better to gain a good typing speed. You can gain this by regularly typing or browsing on the net.

3. Writing Skills

If the work requires writing emails or typing data based on raw information or if you planning to write articles or blogs, then basic writing skills would always help. This too, with practice will develop as you progress in your work. This is also an essential skill if you are required to communicate with international clients through emails. As improper sentence structures or grammatical errors may show negative impression on the end user.

These are some of the basic skills you should possess if you are planning to work from home. This skills are very basic and required for the basic types of jobs such as copy and paste, reading emails or ad posting and you may require high end skills if you are planning to get more technical jobs such as web page development, data conversion, excel, etc.

How to Earn By Replying to Emails Using Zero Traffic Income Program

Zero Traffic Income is a paid program which teaches a user how to earn money by replying to emails and does not require you to generate any traffic for the work to earn money online.

The Zero Traffic Income Kit consists of -

1. Step By Step Training Videos
2. Detailed Work Procedure Manual
3. Dedicated Email Support
4. Priority Phone Support
5. Free Bonuses
6. No gimmicks, No tricks, No rebills
7. 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee

All this at only a nominal price of 47 USD i.e., around Rs.2500/- only.

This program is one of the top selling product online and preferred by many people world over. This method of earning money from home is a simple way of making money online. A user has to just reply to emails assigned by the company in a given format.

Though, the paid programs are not preferred much by the work from home kind of people just out of the fear of losing money, this program is well tested and used by many people worldwide and ranks top.

I purchased the kit myself to analyze the program and check its originality and legitimacy. After going through the program rigorously, I discovered that this is one of the reliable program one can work with.
Though a little amount would be spent for the kit, it is worth spending for a reliable income source.

Tip: Do not join if you are not confident of making money online through this program as incomplete work or inconsistency in your performance may make you lose your money. Any work online or offline requires consistency and long term commitment. There is no easy money around, only smart work pays.

Work from Home Method 1 - ONLINE SURVEYS

Online Surveys is one of the most easiest and best way to earn money online. Many companies worldwide are seeking customer opinions. Companies collect information from thousands of people online and based on this information they make changes to the marketing strategies, product planning and pricing of the products. Consumer opinions play a very important role in the decision making of these large companies worldwide.

This is the reason why so many companies are spending huge amount of money to people who register for the online surveys. Anyone who register for these online survey sites are paid as per the company's payment procedures. The payment rate varies survey to survey and consumer to consumer depending on the type of information is been collected by company.

There are some top sites on the web who are long established and have good reputation online for being the most trusted and legitimate online surveys sites. I have listed below some of the top sites for you to take surveys online and make a genuine income from home by working part time or full time.

Top Ways To Work From Home and Be Secured

Welcome To Digital Rupees Online

Digital Rupees Online is a start-up by a tech geek has been in the web industry for almost 7 years now. I have been working in the field of digital advertising, blogging, content development and e-commerce technologies.

Digital Rupees Online

While working as a Online Media Specialist with a reputed multinational giant company, I realized the need to make my own road for success and income. With this passion, I began the discovery on the internet and came across various ways how one can earn money online.

Going through various sources of earning money online, I discovered that some of the sources were genuine and some were scams. I studied almost of hundreds of websites before coming to a conclusion to select a few to work with.

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